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My name is Abu Shafi and welcome to AbuShafi.com. I am an internet marketer and publisher. I wish to share my knowledge of the business as well as experience with upcoming internet marketers as well as those who are established but want to grow their businesses.

At the moment I do not have a fully fledged training programme of my own. However, I have learnt so many marketing tips from other established marketers and gurus who have very profitable products and training programmes. I will therefore be reviewing these programmes and products for you to enable you make informed decisions of how useful and relevant they are to your business.

Market Research

Generally, a successful internet business plan starts with market research. You need to find out whether there is demand for the product you want to market, be it your own product or marketing as an affiliate for the product owner. There are three main factors to gauge here: demand, market volume and competition. 

Establish that people are buying similar products as a proof for demand. The size of the market is measured by the number of keywords used by buyers to search products in the niche. Competition is determined by the number of websites showing up in the search engines when the client enters certain keywords to search for the products in the niche.

Next, choose keywords to rank for in the first page of the search engines. The money words should be those that are not targeted by large companies with ability to pay high advertising costs to attract buyers to their websites.

The keywords to consider, also known as money words are those that are made of two or more words with low competition in terms of the number of websites targeting those words in the search engines.

Product or Affiliate Product

Once the research is completed, then it is time to prepare the product for sale or choose a suitable product belonging to another vendor to promote as an affiliate in order to earn a commission. You need to construct a simple website with useful content for prospective buyers.

If you are marketing your own product, the sales letter should be a quality one giving sufficient benefits to convince a prospective buyer to buy from you. There are many useful tips for doing this process successfully but unfortunately, they cannot be covered in such a short report.

Free or Paid Traffic

The last and most difficult part in internet marketing is getting people to visit your website or traffic. First of all you do not want just anybody to visit your site and waste your bandwidth without buying from you. You need targeted visitors who have interest or are passionate about the product you are promoting.

That is why your content or articles should offer useful information to convince the buyer that you have the right product they are looking for to satisfy their needs.

The easiest way to attract visitors to your website if you can afford it, is by using paid advertising such as pay per click with Google adwords or Facebook adwords. There are many other advertising agencies that offer paid traffic as well. However, for an internet marketer who is just starting the business with low or no budget, the best way is to target free traffic.

There are some internet marketing gurus who claim there is nothing like free traffic. Indeed I agree with them because the money you save in getting free traffic, will be spent in the time you take to put together the free systems to generate free traffic.

There are two main methods of attracting visitors to your site without paying for it. The first one is known as search engine optimization (SEO). In this method, you prepare your website by doing things that make it friendly to the search engines so that when people type in the keywords you target, your site comes up in the first page results.

This is another area which is important and there are many training courses in the market covering the subject. The second method is back-linking which is simply putting the URL (uniform resource locator) of your website on other websites. This will make your website appear as a quality site to the search engines because it is recognised by other websites.

However, the back-links may be made worthless by the search engines if it appears that they are made haphazardly and therefore spammy. The best back links are those appearing on websites that are already recognised by the search engines as being quality. If you want to be successful in internet marketing, then you need to build your business based on the above foundation.

It is possible to do all the above on your own and eventually succeed. However, it will prolong the time to start making money because you have to do certain things on trial and error basis taking you a long time to achieve success.

The other aspect is repetitive manual tasks vis a vis automated systems using software. You need keyword research software, website building software, SEO software, back-linking software, the list goes on and on, while some are free and others are paid.

In order to avoid information overload and doing trial and error, the best way I recommend to embark on the internet marketing business successfully, is to choose one proven system by a successful marketer that incorporates everything from keyword research to making money online.


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